Inspire – Connect – Empower


She Hoops offers a dynamic range of programs designed to inspire, connect, and empower women and girls in basketball.

From introductory initiatives fostering a love for the sport, to community-building events that unite participants and partners, and pathway programs dedicated to empowering future leaders, our programs cater to all levels and aspirations within the basketball community.

These programs are centered around three core objectives: 

Through our introductory programs, She Hoops aims to inspire women and girls of all ages, from grassroots to elite, to engage with basketball in exciting and meaningful ways, fostering a love for the sport from the very beginning.

Our networking initiatives and events are designed to bring people together to learn, grow and celebrate our incredible and diverse community. Our goal is to provide more opportunities for organisations and individuals to actively contribute to the future of basketball.

She Hoops' pathway programs are dedicated to empowering future leaders by providing education, support, and clear pathways to success within the basketball community, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to reach their potential.